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Short Escapes is about promoting more engaging experiences for leisure and business travelers and planners of meetings, incentives and social events. We believe there’s a new kind of more experienced traveler who seeks “experiential” destinations that the traditional tourism and business meeting circuit doesn’t cover.

Short Escapes.net and Short Escapes digital and print magazine are for everyone – both leisure travelers and business travelers – who seek to escape to the countryside or to the corners of a city to find special places with unique beauty, remarkable history and inspiring culture. We take you off the beaten path on walking, biking and kayaking tours in the U.S. and abroad, to places where you can experience nature, local culture & cuisine, a sense of the past and a bit of adventure in and around the towns and villages near cities and popular tourist spots.

It is our mission to bring these great places to light and help them succeed by attracting more visitors and groups.

Recommended by top travel writers and readers alike, each Short Escape allows travelers to immerse themselves in destinations offering historic landmarks or neighborhoods, plunge into farmland and forest, partake of an unforgettable meal in a unique locale, or just sit undisturbed for hours surveying a spectacular vista that will take their breath away. Stroll alone on a path once used by George Washington’s troops. Follow a trail that William Shakespeare loved. Picnic without neighbors on a hilltop overlooking a ghost town. Continue the mood at a recommended restaurant in a picturesque setting and then complete the experience at a charming hotel, country inn, bed-and-breakfast, or at one of your favorite hotel chains.

Short Escapes is also for business, associations and event planners who seek more intimate and distraction-free locales in order to foster engagement, exchange information, learn, build relationships or simply celebrate together.

These Short Escapes often cost much less than other forms of travel. There’s no big admission charge to access walks, bike trails, special neighborhoods, villages or the countryside, and smaller or rural hotels and unique restaurants often outdo their more big-city counterparts with lower prices and more personal service Many of the major chain hotels have weekend rates for consumers because most of their business takes place during the week with business travelers.

While Short Escapes editors are happy to hear suggestions from everyone for great escapes or venues, all information is carefully reviewed to take the confusion out of totally user-generated sites with often conflicting viewpoints.

Short Escapes Media for Leisure and Group Planners

Short Escapes features Destinations and Venues from around the world vetted by veteran travel writers. To suggest ideas for Short Escapes Destinations and Venues, contact Richard Kern, Editor & Publisher, at 215-915-7506 or richard@shortescapes.net.

Short Escapes magazine, formally SMERF Meetings Journal, focuses on Short Escapes Destinations and Engaging Venues meeting, event, and incentive planners, as well as leisure travelers – who these days are often one in the same. Print subscriptions are free to qualified meeting and event planners; digital editions are free to all.

Free Short Escapes e-mail newsletters provide information on new Short Escapes and Engaging Venues for leisure travelers and event planners, as well as industry news and trends.

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Business Development  for Short Escapes Destinations

Short Escapes offers a unique combination of low-cost print, digital, web and email marketing programs that enable Short Escapes destinations and Venues to stand out for a fraction of the cost of traditional trade and leisure advertising. For information, contact Nick Gazivoda at nick@shortescapes.net or 914-591-7600, ext. 238.

Short Escapes Group Travel Planning Services

Short Escapes Group Travel Services provide businesses, associations and event planners with specialized support in Short Escapes destinations around the world for meetings, events, and incentive travel. A partnership with FireLight Group and Performance Enhancement Incentives, we offer well over 100 years of combined experience in this niche, focusing on providing enriching experiences that draw upon the essence of the locale selected  at costs below those of major tourism attractions or business centers. For information, contact Nick Gazivoda at nick@shortescapes.net or 914-591-7600, ext. 238.

Our Team

Bruce Bolger, a business management consultant in the field of Enterprise Engagement, co-authored with Gary Stoller the original Fodor's Short Escapes series published by Random House.

Gary Stoller was most recently Investigative Travel Editor of USA Today and one of the founding journalists of Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

Richard Kern,  Editor and Publisher
Nick Gazivoda, Vice President of Sales
Anne-Sophie Pruvost-Zetina, Marketing Manager
Jeff Severson, Webmaster
Bonnie Crispino, Print and Digital Design
Gloria Golle, Controller

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